Profitably trade your hard assets around the world

Secure your hard assets. Get digital rights. Trade, invest, or pay globally.

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Purchase and trade the rights to any hard asset held in custody around the world and control ownership via a blockchain digital token


Invest your wealth into hard assets located anywhere in the globe and diversify your financial portfolio risks in minutes


Convert your hard asset rights into digital money on the fastest payment and settlement platform available, anywhere in the world

“Suddenly a user can hold all of her funds in a blockchain based asset that is directly tied to the purchasing power of these massively liquid and global markets.”

— David Johnston, Omni



Download your digital wallet to invest and trade in digital asset rights across multiple exchanges and multiple digital currencies


Trade global asset rights with other investors or brokers in a peer-to-peer marketplace and catalog


Track asset valuations and prices in real-time with trading alerts and portfolio analysis tools

“Ownership of goods can now be tied to a verified digital token that can be transferred to the buyer from the seller, simultaneously with a payment.”

— Bloomberg

How It Works

Global Custody

Global custodian network of trusted and professional partners secure your assets

Completely Digital

Easily transfer asset rights into digital rights secured with blockchain technologies

Broker Partners

Global network of asset brokers to facilitate aquistition and trade of your asset rights

“Serica offers a novel innovation for the market, using an underlying crypto 2.0 protocol thereby allowing traders to seamlessly move between blockchain assets and gold.”

— Coindesk

Our Markets

Precious Metals

Trade physical precious metals markets

Stock Certificates

Convert and trade company ownership rights in public and private stock certificates

Soft Commodities

Invest and trade agriculture storage rights in emerging markets


Trade rights in one of the most consistently high-performing assets classes.

“We leverage Serica to give our company access to global customers that want access to our US catalog of precious metals for investment and hedging.”

— Joseph Castillo, CEO Agora Commodities

Join hundreds of global investors on the easiest digital trading platform

  Easily purchase assets

  Secure your verified rights

  Trade or hold your digital assets

  Send them to anyone you wish

“Serica delivers physical commodity asset trading speeds and liquidity that I cannot secure anywhere else as an individual investor.”

— Dan Forster, Investor

Low Cost Trading & Custody

Directly trade global markets at the lowest fees

No-Fee Asset Purchase1
No-Fee Asset Custody2
Flat 1% Asset-to-Asset Trading Fee

1 Does not include asset shipping, handling, authenticity verification, or rights transfer fees.

2 No-Fee custody for assets in custody for 90 days. Thereafter, custodian fees may apply. Custodians may charge separate shipping fees for asset delivery

“I use Serica to get in and out of digital money and tangible assets quickly, easily. Serica will respond to the demand to transact with real buying power pent up since the Gold Reserve Act.”

— Sam Yilmaz, Managing Partner at Decentralized Applications Fund

Enterprise Grade Security

SSL Everywhere

Secure Socket Layering Technology encrypts all communciations between your wallet and Serica

2-Factor Authentication

Identity verification via mobile application or SMS ensures that all transactions require additional authentication

Client-Side Passphrases

We don't hold private keys to your digital wallet so you are in control of your funds and assets

Session Expiration

Auto-logouts prevent session hijacking and require re-authentication for new sessions

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